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One Brand for immersive events


You can create your customized events easily using the following features :

Immersive access

Hybrid, in-person, and dedicated events.24/7 open showroom for international visibility.Exhibition halls for thousands of users.Avatars for a unique visitor experience.

Admin Dashboard

Complete moderation for event organizers.Statistics for optimal adjustment and network expansion.KPI & Analytics for tracking event performance.

Meet international peoples

24/7 open showroom for international visibility.Real-time sharing of content and communication materials.

Artificial Intelligence

Customized booth configuration for exhibitors.Adaptability and customer targeting for successful positioning.Optimizing campaigns.Language translation in real-time.

KPI & Analytics

Statistics for optimal adjustment and network expansion.Tracking event performance.


Personalized avatars for a unique visitor experience.


Auditorium for live and replayed conferences.


Compliance with GDPR regulations for data protections


Unlock the full potential of hybrid mode to cater to all your professional use cases effortlessly.

Trade show

Trade show for showcasing and selling products and services.Business networking opportunities to establish partnerships.Product demos and launches.


Conference event for exchanging knowledge and ideas.Presentations and discussions on specific topics.Participation in workshops and training sessions.


Job fair for meeting potential candidates.Company presentations and job opportunities.Job interviews and networking sessions.


Sales exhibition for purchasing products and services.Special offers, discounts, and exclusive promotions.Product demonstrations and the ability to seek advice.


Educational fair for learning and training.Conferences, workshops, and interactive sessions.Introduction of new teaching methods and educational resources.


Event where sponsors can promote their brands and products.Increased visibility through advertising placements.Networking opportunities with other sponsors and participants.

Training & Coaching

Professional training and coaching event.Skill development and enhancement sessions.Access to experts and resources for improving skills.

Team building

Event dedicated to team building and cohesion.Interactive and entertaining team building activities.Games, challenges, and exercises that promote collaboration and communication among team members.

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